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Sunday, February 22, 2009


January 3rd was the premiere of The Celebrity Edition of the NBC smash hit “THE APPRENTICE,” and Executive Producer Mark Burnett decided to throw a little party to thank the cast and crew. It was also a chance for all of us to screen the first episode live along with the rest of the country!

I arrived at the venue, CINESPACE, a little after 8pm and immediately spotted some of my fellow cast members – Nadia Comaneci, Marilu Henner, Tiffany Fallon and the infamous Omarosa. We caught up on what was going on with each other lives, and had the opportunity to meet family and friends. It was great seeing all the staff as well, knowing how much of their blood, sweat and tears they had poured into every episode.

When the lights dimmed down in the club moments before air time, I have to admit that I was a little nervous as to how the show would turn out, and as to how everyone would be portrayed – knowing full well from my experience as a TV producer, that you can live or die by the edit. At show’s end I was pleased to say that I got caught up in the drama along with everyone else in the audience. My hat is off to Donald Trump and Mark Burnett who have fine-tuned The Apprentice to perfection - making it as compelling a series as ever. Unfortunately someone had to be the first one to go, and we had to say goodbye to Tiffany, who is a true doll and a wonderful person.

Watching the show reminded me of what was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To learn and grow working with such a diverse cast and crew, with such incredible skills, was amazing, and I’ll never forget the great friendships forged under fire.

The fun has just begun, so keep watching as the competition between the celebs gets really heated - have you seen the promos where Omarosa pours champagne over Piers Morgans’s head?

Episode 2 of Celebrity Apprentice airs on NBC on January 10th – I can’t reveal what happens, but let’s just say that things get a little crazy for me.


P.S. Here are a few pix from the premiere screening that I thought that I would share with you.



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